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Jumbo Thornless Blackberry Seeds

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Start your vegetable garden adventure with our premium Jumbo Thornless Blackberry Seeds.

Each pack contains 100 seeds, ensuring a plentiful supply of delicious and nutritious blackberries for your delight.


  • Ideal for Vegetable Gardening: Cultivate a stunning vegetable garden with our Jumbo Thornless Blackberry Seeds, adding a touch of natural sweetness to your outdoor space.

  • Abundant Supply: Each pack contains 100 seeds - Experience a bountiful harvest of delicious and nutritious blackberries to enjoy.

  • Perfect for Bonsai Enthusiasts: Delight in the beauty of a bonsai-style blackberry plant, adding elegance and charm to your garden.

  • Thriving in Temperate Climates: Suitable for outdoor planting, these blackberries thrive in temperate climates, making them adaptable to various regions.

  • Charming Mini Garden Plant: Classified as a mini garden plant, Jumbo Thornless Blackberry adds allure and beauty to your outdoor space.

  • Enhanced Connection with Nature: Perfect for individuals born under the Taurus constellation, fostering a deeper connection with nature.

  • Kitchen Convenience: Grow medium-sized blackberry plants in your kitchen for easy access to fresh and luscious fruit.

  • Annual Style Harvest: Enjoy an abundant harvest each year with the annual style of Jumbo Thornless Blackberry.

  • A Point of Interest: Beyond their delicious taste, these blackberries serve as a captivating point of interest in your garden.

  • Full-bloom Period: Experience the magical full-bloom period during summer, where your garden will be adorned with luscious blackberries.

  • Flowerpots Excluded: Choose the perfect container for your blackberry plant, allowing you to personalize your gardening setup.

  • Versatile Herb Category: Jumbo Thornless Blackberry belongs to the herbs category, adding versatility and flavor to your garden.

  • Very Easy Cultivation: These blackberries are a breeze to cultivate, suitable for both novice and experienced gardeners alike.

  • Medium-sized Fruits: Grow and savor medium-sized blackberries, perfect for various culinary delights.

Cultivate your own garden of delicious delights with Jumbo Thornless Blackberry Seeds.