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Black Baccara Rose Seeds

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Experience the allure of Black Baccara Roses with this pack of 100 premium seeds.

Cultivate your own captivating garden and be mesmerized by the beauty of these exquisite roses.


  • Grow Your Garden: Plant Black Baccara Roses in your garden and witness the stunning blooms that will enhance your outdoor space.

  • Abundant Summer Blooms: Enjoy a full-bloom period during the summer months, filling your garden with a burst of vibrant colors.

  • Novel Plant: Black Baccara Roses are a unique and novel addition to your collection of plants, offering an extraordinary sight.

  • Beautifying Properties: Embrace the beautifying function of these roses, adding elegance and charm to your landscape.

  • Perfect for Pisces: Ideal for individuals born under the Pisces zodiac sign, these roses make a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

  • Create Floral Masterpieces: Use Black Baccara Roses in flower arrangements and create stunning floral masterpieces to adorn your home.

  • Professional Flowerpot Excluded: The pack includes 100 seeds of Black Baccara Roses, and flowerpots can be purchased separately for easy planting.

  • Unleash Your Gardening Skills: Cultivate these roses with ease, allowing both seasoned gardeners and beginners to enjoy growing these breathtaking flowers.