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Multicolor Calibrachoa Kabloom Flower Seeds

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Unleash your inner gardener with our premium Multicolor Calibrachoa Kabloom Flower Seeds.

Each pack contains 100 high-quality seeds, promising a vibrant and picturesque indoor oasis filled with these delightful flowers.


  • Product Type: Bonsai - Cultivate a visually appealing bonsai-style display with Multicolor Calibrachoa Kabloom, adding elegance to your indoor space.

  • Use: Indoor Plants - Ideal for growing in your living room, these flowers add a touch of beauty and color to your indoor environment.

  • Function: Beautifying - Beyond their vibrant hues, these flowers serve as natural beautifiers, adding charm to your indoor space.

  • Size: Small - Enjoy the charm of small-sized Calibrachoa flowers, perfect for creating a compact and captivating indoor garden.


  • Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy - Suitable for both seasoned gardeners and beginners, ensuring a hassle-free growing experience.

  • Classification: Happy Farm - Experience the happiness and joy that these flowers bring to your indoor garden.

  • Flowerpot: Excluded - Personalize your gardening setup by choosing the perfect flowerpot for your Calibrachoa Kabloom.

  • Location: Living Room - Flourish your indoor space with the beauty of Multicolor Calibrachoa Kabloom, enhancing your living room ambiance.

  • Model Number: 10 - These seeds are from our exceptional collection, offering top-notch quality for your gardening needs.

  • Full-bloom Period: Summer - Experience the enchanting beauty of summer as your Multicolor Calibrachoa Kabloom flowers bloom with a burst of colors.

  • Type: Blooming Plants - These flowers are categorized as blooming plants, ensuring a constant display of beauty in your living room.

  • Variety: Calibrachoa - Grow and savor the mesmerizing beauty of Multicolor Calibrachoa Kabloom flowers from our premium variety.

Buy now and elevate your gardening experience with the allure of Multicolor Calibrachoa Kabloom!