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White Waxy Corn Seeds

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Experience the versatility and high yield potential of our White Waxy Corn Seeds. These seeds are not only ideal for mulching but also thrive when grown in open fields. With exceptional tip fill and excellent husk cover, they ensure a visually appealing and uniform harvest.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for mulching and open field cultivation
  • Excellent tip fill and husk cover
  • Long shelf life and high production of uniform cobs
  • Plants reach a height of approximately 1.8-2 meters
  • Wide adaptability to tropical conditions
  • Strong root system development
  • Tolerant to lodging and rust
  • Each pack contains 100 seeds.


  • Color: White
  • Expected Blooming Period: Fall

Unlock the potential of your fields with our White Waxy Corn Seeds. Their adaptability to various conditions, along with their superior yield and quality, make them an excellent choice for farmers and gardeners alike. Enjoy the benefits of a robust root system, uniform cobs, and a long shelf life. Plant these seeds in fall for an expected blooming period filled with bountiful harvests.